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5 Mindful Tips for Staying Healthy this Holiday Season

by David Garza


With the holidays fast approaching, so do the family gatherings, vacations, and all the food and habits that come with those. The great feasts, the parties, and time off to travel or be away from the routine. It is during these times that we are most vulnerable to unhealthy patterns that we later end up regretting and paying for. But it doesn’t have to be that way by taking a few simple steps to stay in balance and still have an enjoyable time.


1.)  Balance and Portion Meals

During the holiday season, it’s imperative to stay aware of what goes into our bodies. Many traditional holiday foods are high in calories and fats, and because they don’t come every day, it’s easy to overindulge. Keeping portions manageable and within reason still allows for you to indulge in the various meals and foods you love without being excessive. Portion meals out in the same way you would with your daily average intake. It’s all about the right balance.


2.)  Continue Daily Exercise

Exercise is and will always remain an important part of a healthy lifestyle. As important as it is to eat the right things in the right amounts, continuing an exercise routine during these times is just as key. Understandably this is a time to spend with family or get away for a time. Exercising during this time may take a back seat to all the festivities. Knowing this will most likely happen, plan ahead and create a routine. It is better to slow down or give less time to exercise than to completely stop. It takes much more time for your body to readjust after having stopped for a time than it would to simply pick up the pace again. It produces less stress on the heart and fewer problems in the long run that can affect you later in life.


3.)  Maintain Sleep 

Sleep remains an important factor in your health. It ensures the body has the proper time to rest and heal and prepare for the next day. Decreased sleep can lead to issues with your heart and cardiovascular system. This compounded with the heavy rich foods consumed that the body must process can lead to physical complications such as heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Get the recommended amount of sleep to keep your body healthy and functioning problem free.


4.)  Avoid Excessive Drinking

Also, avoid excessive alcohol consumption. Too much alcohol puts a strain on the body and multiple organs. Over time these will affect the body in different ways, from cardiovascular disease, kidney and liver issues, and brain functions. Drink the recommended amount of water every day and keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum.


5.)  Everything Works Together

In summary, it is best to consider that all of these recommendations work together. With proper balance and time given to each, you can still have a wonderful time without the ill effects that come after.  Although holiday festivities can be filled with fun and excitement, don’t forget to maintain your healthy lifestyle.  Through continued persistence, you will be able to exceed your health goals this holiday season with flying colors!